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For the records... The Setmana Santa is not a festival strictly speaking. Unlike the big festivals generally concentrated on a weekend and the same geographical site, Setmana Santa is a series of events that invests several places in Toulouse over an entire week. Every evening. An exceptional format created to enhance the current dark scene in its broadest spectrum. Thus, the genres from the Goth culture are represented there: coldwave, darkwave, synth/ebm, deathrock, dark folk and post-punk.

The objective of Setmana Santa is to continue to establish this musical scene in France and to diversify its audience because it is still struggling to have good visibility and to get out of confidentiality. We want that to change!

The concept was born in November 2019 under the name “La Semaine Sainte”. Despite a nice line-up (Ash Code, Hapax, NONN, Buzz Kull, Years of Denial, Death in Rome, The Foreign Resort, etc.), he had a blast on the ground due to lack of attendance, but was reborn from his ashes in 2022 under his new Occitan name. . It is with a little more means this time, and thanks to better visibility that we manage to balance our (second) first edition and we are very happy about it.

On the 2022 edition were on view: Expo IAS 40th Anniversary, The Runner (a movie by Boy Harsher), Denuit, Undertheskin, She Past Away, The Cemetery Girls, Potochkine, NNHM, Minuit Machine and Years of Denial (Jozef Van Wissem was forced to cancel his show for health reasons). We have so far operated completely independently and by self-financing on the principle of DIY. That is why we cannot currently afford giant fees. However, we are always ready to play the game and see what is possible together. It is good to know this and take it into account. We also remain open to sponsorship or co-production.

Passionate and linked to the entertainment world, we strive to work in a serious and professional manner, always seeking to perfect our concept and improve ourselves over the editions. Coming largely from alternative culture, we favor listening and direct contact between artists and organizers. This is why we want to work in harmony and on good terms with all the actors on the stage. We want to be seen and heard as true partners in order to best promote this scene that is close to our hearts.


On parle de la Setamana Santa




FESTIVAL – Setmana Santa


Atmosphère / Radio Arverne (Clermont)
Emission radio sur la Setmana Santa, radio Arverne
Croon La Foire Des Ténèbres / Canal Sud
Emission radio sur la Setmana Santa


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